Below you will find various resources of information to assist Surfari Internet registered users. Be sure to read all the directions completely.
If you need further assistance, give our office a call at (805) 473-6525 or (800) 994-6525.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Remote E-Mail: How do I read my e-mail when I'm out of town?
Passwords: Why do I have to keep entering my password?
IE Connection Wizard: How do I reset my computer's settings to SURFARI.NET?
Internet Explorer Does Not Dial: I click on the IE icon but my modem doesn't dial?
Message Rules & Outlook Express: How to configure mail filtering to remove messages on the server with Outlook Express 4.x-6.x
Access Phone Numbers: What are the dialup phone numbers and service area for SURFARI.NET?
Netmeeting and Firewalls: Can I use Netmeeting or other video conferencing software with my DSL service?
Busy or Locked Mail Spool: During Mail download I lost connection, now it says it is busy or there is a "pop lock"?
I'm no longer disconnected after closing my Internet programs!: This shows you how to fix this problem for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express 6.x.
What's wrong with my connection?: Has your dial-up connection degraded? Find some tips to improve it here.

General Informational / Help Links

Virus Information Center: Basic information on viruses and links to virus related websites.
Spam/UCE Guidance: How to help prevent Spam or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail).
Surfari Internet Training: Internet references and training for our customers.
56K Modem Information: Information and resources for 56K modem technology.
Computer Software Help: Another great resource for help with various software programs.
Basic Help for Computers and Microsoft Products : External resources for help with all kinds of computer/software needs.

Dial-Up Networking Assistance

XP Dial-Up Connection: Create a new dial-up connection for Windows XP (Home & Professional) additions.
Dial-Up Networking Setup: For Windows ME (Millenium).
Dial-Up Networking Setup: For Windows 95 and 98.
Changing Access Number (Windows): For Windows 95, 98, and ME.
Dial-Up Networking and RAS: For Windows NT 4.0.

TCP/IP & PPP Setup for Macintosh

Macintosh OS 8.xx: TCP/IP and PPP Setup assistance for OS systems 8.xx.

DSL Networking Assistance

DSL Network Setup (Windows): For Windows 95, 98 and Millenium (ME).
DSL Network Setup (Macintosh): For Macintosh OS 7.5 thru 9.xx
DSL Information: Information and tips on DSL services.

General Setup Information

Primary Domain Name Server (DNS)
Secondary Domain Name Server (DNS)
Domain Name
SMTP Mail Server (Outgoing Mail)
POP3 Mail Server (Incoming Mail)
NNTP News Server (News)

Email Assistance

Outlook Express 5.x/6.x: Setup and Help
Outlook Express 4.0: Setup and Help
Netscape: Setup and Help for Netscape versions 2.xx through 4.xx, including Windows 3.1.
MS Outlook 97: Microsoft Outlook for Office 97.

Browser Assistance

Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x: Setup and Help
Internet Explorer 4.0: Setup and Help
Netscape: Setup and Help for Netscape versions 2.xx through 4.xx, including Windows 3.1.

Older Windows Software Settings

Internet Explorer 3.xx for Windows 95: Setup and Help
Internet Explorer 3.xx for Windows 3.1: Setup and Help
Windows 95/98 Dial-Up Script: Automatic dialup script example.
Misc. Program Settings: Various older software program settings for Windows 95/98.
Trumpet Winsock Installation: Windows 3.xx PPP Software.
Trumpet Winsock INI File: Windows 3.xx PPP Software configuration example.
Trumpet Winsock CMD Login: Windows 3.xx PPP Software CMD example.

Older Macintosh Software Settings

Mac TCP/IP: Mac TCP/IP OS 7.5-7.9 setup assistance.
Mac TCP: Old Mac TCP (pre- OS 7.4) setup assistance.
Mac FreePPP: Older Mac FreePPP setup assistance.
MacPPP 2.0: Older Mac PPP setup assistance.
Netscape Mail: Setup for version 2.xx of Netscape mail for Macintosh.
Eudora Mail: Eudora 1.2x setup assistance for Macintosh.

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