Microsoft Office '97 Outlook Help

Installation of Microsoft Office 97 will change your Internet e-mail settings.

The following guide will get you setup to use the new multi-use program ‘Outlook’. If you’d like to continue using Internet Mail with your connection, continue to the bottom of this page for details on how to do that.

Notes: Outlook installs itself as the e-mail client by default. The only way to prevent it from taking over this function is to de-select it during installation.
Below are screen-shots of Outlook for you to refer to, the step-by-step instructions for setting up your e-mail and connections are directly underneath each image.

Step One

Run Outlook and click on the Tools drop-down menu.
Click on ‘Options’
Click on ‘Services’ to open the Services Dialog Box
Click on Add
Click on Internet Mail
Click on the ‘General’ Tab
In the Personal Information Section, fill in the following:
Full Name: Your real name
E-Mail Address: Your full e-mail address (
Internet Mail Server:
Account Name: Just your account name (me)
Password: Your login password
Click on the ‘Advanced Options’ button In the box, enter:

Step Two

Click on the ‘Connection’ Tab
Select ‘Connect using the modem’
Verify your dialup connection (i.e. Surfari Internet Provider Services) Is Selected in the drop-down menu.
Shut down outlook and when you re-start your email will function by selecting the INBOX icon on your desktop.

Continue Using Your Internet Mail Program

If you would like to continue using Internet Mail, start your Internet Explorer:

Click on the ‘View’ drop-down menu
Click on ‘Options’
Click on the ‘Programs’ Tab
In the ‘Mail and ‘News’ section near the top of the screen, Drop down the menu selection for ‘Mail’ and select 'Internet Mail.'
Click on ‘Apply’
Click on the ‘Mail’ Tool Icon and then click on ‘Read Mail’ to verify Internet Mail comes up.

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