Configuring Your Mac TCP

This will help you configure your Mac TCP dialer to work on the Internet. First you must make sure you have Mac TCP installed on your machine. To check this click on the 'Apple' icon in the upper left corner of your computer screen. From there select 'Control Panels' and then look to see if Mac TCP is listed. If it is, then continue with the steps below. If you see TCP/IP then you need to go to Configure TCP/IP for the Internet page. If you do not see Mac TCP or TCP/IP then you must install the dialer from you System Disks that came with your computer.

Setting up the Mac TCP dialer

Click on the 'Apple' icon located in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen.
Choose 'Control Panels' and then 'Mac TCP'
You should see a 'PPP' icon in the menu. After you select the icon click 'More'
In the 'Obtain Address' box select 'Server'
In the 'IP Address' box make sure that the 'Class' is set to C.
The Subnet Mask should be ''
The bottom box 'Domain Name Server Information'
Mac Dialer
In the 'Domain' field type in

In the 'IP Address' field type in

After you have completed those steps click the 'OK' button.
Close MacTCP
Then restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

After your computer restarts, open the folder on your desktop that contains your Internet programs.

Then open the Dialer (MacTCP) icon.

You should now be able to connect to Surfari Internet and start surfing!
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