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If you need to transfer your information over to a new computer or are doing the 'delete and re-install' shuffle, the following will help you get re-connected to SURFARI.NET service.

The simplest way to re-connect your computer to the internet is to use the "Internet Connection Wizard" (ICW). If you have just re-installed your software on your computer, the first time you try to run Internet Explore the ICW will start. If you are re-establishing your settings, open your Control Panel and open the 'Internet' or 'Internet Options' icon, click on the 'Connections' tab and there you will find a button for the ICW.

Follow the directions with the ICW, using the below information when asked:

  • I want to set up my Internet Connection manually, or I want to connect through a local area newtork (LAN)
  • I connect through a phone line (unless you are a DSL customer, then you will want to select 'I connect through a Local Area Network')
  • Enter the phone number, using the below link to our area dialup map to assist in deciding which one is local to you
  • Type your user name (without the and password
  • Enter a connection 'name', we recommend SURFARI or SURFARI.NET
  • Accept the option to set up your Internet Mail now
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your email address (with the
  • Enter the pop address of
  • Enter the snmp address of
  • Enter your account name (without the and password

  • DO NOT SELECT "Log On Using Secure Authentication"


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