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I keep having to enter my password

There are 2 times when entering a password is necessary:

1) When the computer first starts up and you have multiple 'users' assigned to your computer (or the original user has set up a password for the computer). This occurs when the computer first boots up with a name/password box in the middle of the computer screen.

2) If the Dial-Up Networking was not properly installed or configured, it will not retain the password. This will occur just prior to trying to establish a modem connection to the internet, and the Dial-Up Networking dialog box will open (showing the location to be dialed, etc).

If the situation is 1) then it will be difficult for us to accomodate the correction, since there are many situations that could cause this. You might try going to the Control Panel in the "Passwords" icon and changing the password to nothing (ie. enter your 'old' password and when asked for new password, don't type anything in ... just click ok). If there are more than one users assigned to this computer, you'll have to remove them all before the above will work, again this is located in the Control Panel in the "Users" icon. Then you need to restart your computer and the password box shouldn't show up again.

If the situation is 2) you need to check your network installation in the Control Panel in the "Network" icon. If there is no 'Client for Microsoft Networks' in the Components Window, you'll need to install it. There should be no other 'Client' listings. You can install it by clicking on 'Add' then 'Client' then 'Add' and once the "Hardware Interface Database" window closes, select 'Microsoft' as the "Manufacturer" and then 'Client for Microsoft Networks'. Click ok as many times as it takes to get you out of all this and your system should re-boot and provide you the ability to save the password. Once you re-boot and a password screen shows up (as in 1) above), don't enter anything in the password and just hit enter...otherwise you'll be stuck in the loop above.

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