Surfari Macintosh - xDSL/Network Setup     
(This Is Only For MAC Operating Systems 8.xx and Greater)

First, click on your MAC System "Apple" as shown by the highlighted areas in the picture to the right, go down to "Control Panels" then click on TCP/IP. This will open the TCP/IP properties that we need to adjust as shown in the next section below.
The screen to the right will give you exactly what you need to set your TCP/IP up for use with an xDSL connection. Take note on the number "206.190.81.???" - this number will be unique to you and should be given to you by a Surfari Internet Representative.
Also, on some MAC's (like an iMAC) the option that is shown for "Ethernet" may be worded slighty different such as "On Board Ethernet" - either way, if the entry has the word "Ethernet" in it, this is the one you must choose.

When you have completed making your entries, click on the upper left corner of the TCP/IP window to close it, you will be asked if you wish to save this configuration, click on "Save" and you should be ready to use all your internet applications through the xDSL connection.

If you have any problems with the configuration, please donít hesitate to give Surfari.Net a call:

5 Cities/SLO/Los Osos (805) 473-6525

Santa Maria/Nipomo (805) 929-6160

Other towns in 805 Area Code (800) 994-6525