Surfari Win95/98 & Millenium (ME) - xDSL/Network Setup     

1. Setting up Your Network

Surfari.Net xDSL is being provided to you via an Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC). Windows 95/98 and Millenium (ME) has the software necessary to talk to this device, all you need to do is set up your NIC and make the network changes listed below. In order to use Surfari.Net xDSL, your network card must be working properly, if you need assistance Surfari.Net can recommend some good computer repair/networking individuals to assist you.

2. Make sure your NIC is working

Unless you have another computer with a NIC, it’s difficult to determine if your NIC is working properly. Surfari.Net xDSL is verified functional at the RJ-11 jack (where your NIC will connect to, via network cable terminated with a RJ-11 plug on each end provided during the installation), so you should be able to just plug the network cable into your NIC and perform the following network setup.

3. Set up your networking details

If you wish to view screen shots of these instructions, please click HERE

Surfari.Net provides you with one static IP address, which will be assigned to your computer. If you wish to have additional computers connected to the xDSL line, you must obtain software or hardware solutions in order to provide this service.

Follow these steps to configure Windows 95/98/ME:

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