Configuring MAC TCP/IP for The Internet

This will help you configure your TCP/IP dialer to work on the Internet. First you must make sure you have TCP/IP installed on your machine. To check this click on the 'Apple' icon in the upper left corner of your computer screen. From there select 'Control Panels' and then look to see if TCP/IP is listed. If it is, then continue with the steps below. If you see Mac TCP then you need to go to Configure Mac TCP for the Internet page. If you do not see TCP/IP or 'Mac TCP' then you must install the dialer from you System Disks that came with your computer.

Setting up theTCP/IP dialer

Click on the 'Apple' icon located in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen.
Choose 'Control Panels' and then 'TCP/IP'
You should see a menu like the one below:

Make all the correct changes as you see in the image to the right.

Note: If you do not see 'FreePPP' in the Connect via field, you can use 'MacPPP'

After you have completed those steps click the 'OK' button.
Close TCP/IP

Then restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Once your computer has restarted, double click 'Your Internet Folder' located on your computer desktop. (this refers to the folder on your machine that contains your Internet programs).

  • Find the Dialer (TCP/IP) icon and double click it.
  • Click on the Config... button. You should then see a menu like the one below.
  • For the PPP Server Name type in Surfari Internet
  • The port speed should be set to 19200 if you have a 14400 baud modem, 38400 if you have a 28000 baud modem and 57600 if you have a 33600 or higher modem.
  • In the 'phone number' field type in the phone number you have received from Surfari Internet (597-3090).

  • Now click on the 'Connect Script...' button and a menu like the one below should pop up.
  • Make all the correct changes as you see above.
  • The your username and your password above are only examples.
  • You must replace them with your correct information that was supplied to you by Surfari Internet.
  • After you complete that step click 'OK' then 'Done'.
  • You should now be able to connect to Surfari Internet and start surfing!
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