Using Trumpet Winsock on Surfari.Net - Windows 3.1x

Configuring Trumpet Winsock can be the most difficult part of setting up a connection with Surfari.Net. It is, however, the most important.

Screen Shots for Installation

Installing Trumpet Winsock

Configuring Trumpet Winsock

The first time you start TCPMAN, a setup screen will appear. Only a few values need to be changed from the defaults.

  1. IP Address:
  2. Name Server:
  3. MTU: 1500
  4. SLIP Port: This should be set to the COM port of your modem.
  5. Baud Rate: This should be set to the maximum baud rate of your modem.
  6. PPP Enabled (checked) For your PPP Connection
If you have difficulty with any of this, there is a sample Trumpet.INI posted in the User Services Page.

You will have to restart TCPMAN for these options to take effect.

Using Trumpet Winsock

First, you must learn to log in using TCPMAN. There are basically two ways to do this. You can log in and out manually, or use a script. The option for Automatic Login and Logout is recommended to run scripts (see below).

Manual Logins

Logging in manually is very similiar to the process you may use now. Follow this process:

Manual Logouts

When you are finished, you should use the following procedures to close the connection to Surfari.Net.


To make thing easier, you may use scripts to automate login. Refer to the Trumpet documentation to write you own, or use the example(s) posted from the User Services Page.

Using the Scripts