Windows 95/98 Internet Explorer 4.0 Browser Suggestions

You can open the initial Browser screen from Explorer for Win95 from the menu bar at the top called "View" as shown below. This screen shows you how to click on "View" to open a window and at the bottom you will highlighted "Internet Options", click on it to get the next screen which is displayed below.

Here, you see all the settings that you can change for your personal preferences more than anything. The first screen that opens is called "General". Here you can change the default homepage location that Internet Explorer will use when you push on the "Home" icon on your toolbar.

One other important thing to do with your browser is to periodically clean out it's cache. This can be done by selecting the option on the previous image called "Delete Files" under the Temporary Internet Files section.
Another option from the previous screen is called "Settings" - below we show recommended settings for your disk cache in Internet Explorer 4.0.

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