Surfari Internet-Information Gems
Gem - A hard to find object, very valuable, sometimes obscure...

As we come across little 'gems' of information we tend to lose track of them because of their obscurity. Eventually we'd want to pass these gems along to others but just can't remember where we found them last. Although this may duplicate some efforts out there on the Web, we thought it would be useful to have some 'gems' located on these pages.
If you come across what you consider to be a 'gem', please leave an email message to and we'll put it up for others' use.

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Help/Tips Sites

Here's a new addition to the 'Gems' page. As we find links that are absolutely crammed full of more useful information than graphics and advertisement, we'll add it to the following list. Be advised that we can't guarantee the site availability or accuracy, but you'll certainly be able to get a wealth of info from these links:

General Windows 95/98 Help and Tips
Outlook Express Help and Tips

Windows and Internet Information Gems

GEM #1: Dial-Up Scripting Stops working when I reload Dial-Up Networking (WIN95)
GEM #2: Newsreader stops after 10 groups are read (WIN31)
GEM #3: My Windows 95 dialer won't keep my password
GEM #4: Internet Explorer won't connect to FTP Site
GEM #5: Modem Suggestions
GEM #6: AOL and Internet Explorer Fix for Windows 95
GEM #7: Internet Explorer Content Advisor
GEM #8: Internet Explorer 3.0 Tips
GEM #9: Internet Mail/News Tips
GEM #10: Internet Explorer 4.0 Tips
GEM #11: DUN V2.1/OSR2 Upgrade?
GEM #12: Auto-Connect with IE
GEM #13: RPI Modems and WIN31 Dialer
GEM #14: Speed up Connection
GEM #15: General Web Browsing Tips
GEM #16: Internet Explorer 4.0 Uninstall Warnings
GEM #17: WIN95 Keyboard Shortcuts
GEM #18: Web Error Messages

Macintosh Information Gems

MacGEM #1: Modem Connection Problems
MacGEM #2: Global Village Modem Guard Mode/Security Defect

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