Surfari Internet-Information Gem #1
Gem #1 - Dial-Up Network Install Wipes out Dialup Scripting

The following information was found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base when a user could not get his dialup scriptor to work after re-installing the Dial-Up Network. Thanks to Mike Whiting for finding this little gem:

Dial-Up scripting may no longer work after Dial-Up Networking is Reinstalled.
Even though all the components are there and appear to be Ok, they are not.

Reinstalling Dial-Up Networking overrides entries in the Registry that Dial-up Scripting requires to intercept the normal Login Procedures.

Use Control Panel Add/Remove Programs, to reinstall scripting tools by using "Have Disk" button under Windows Setup Tab, select Rnaplus.inf.
CD ROM Path= x:\Admin\Apptools\Dscript
Click the "Slip and Scripting for Dial-Up Networking"
Your old scripts should still be in place.

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