Surfari Internet-Information Gem #17
Gem #17 - WIN95 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some keystrokes you can use in place of mouse clicks:

Shift-F10: Right-mouse-click selected item
Ctrl-Esc: Display Start menu
Alt-[underlined letter]: Select menu command
Alt-Esc: Switch to Taskbar's "next" open window
Alt-Tab: Switch among open windows (hold Alt and continue to press Tab)
Alt-F4: Close active window
Alt-spacebar, N: Minimize active window
Alt-spacebar, X: Maximize active window
Alt-spacebar, R: Restore active window
Alt-spacebar, C: Close active window
Ctrl-F10: Switch focus to menu commands (in any Explorer window)
Ctrl-Tab: Rotate through dialog box tabs
Ctrl-Shift-Tab: Rotate through dialog box tabs in reverse
Ctrl-Alt-Del: Display Close Program dialog box
Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Shift-F10: Right-mouse-click Start button
Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Tab, Tab: Shift focus to desktop icons
Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Tab, Shift-F10, M: Minimize open windows

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