Surfari Internet-Information Gem #6
Gem #6 - Changing From AOL's Internet Explorer to a
Real Internet Setup for Windows 95 Users.

We have had many people converting from AOL (America Online) to our service. There has been a number of occasions where they could not get the dialer and browser to work properly after having AOL installed on their systems. The following procedure has proven to remedy this problem in many cases.
Make sure to follow it step-by-step:

a file called smmscrpt.dll - this file will either be in your:
C:\windows or C:\windows\system directory. (note that the C: could possibly be D: or E: - depending on your system setup - most likely Windows will be on your C: drive)

Open Your Control Panel and double click on:
Add/Remove Programs:

Internet Explorer
Internet Mail and News
Dialup Scripting
Dialup Networking (DUN)

Reboot Your System after removing all of the above.

Reinstall Your Internet Explorer Software

During the reinstall of Internet Explorer, after the reboot, you will be asked for your Windows '95 CD-ROM (or floppy disks). Dialup Networking will then be reinstalled as well.

This should resolve the AOL problem for Windows 95 users.

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