Surfari Internet-Information Gem #18
Gem #18 - Web Error Messages

Several readers have asked about some of the errors that they get when surfing the Net. Here are a few errors--the ones that we encounter most often:

* Not Found (Error 404): This is probably the error message you see most. Well, at least you got to the server, so some of the address must have been correct. You could have the address wrong, or maybe the site owner has packed the old bags and moved away--leaving no forwarding address.

* Unauthorized (Error 401): Sorry, you need a password to get in here.

* Forbidden (Error 403): You've managed to access something meant for private use only. This message is short for "You can't see it, so go away."

* Bad Request (Error 400): This one (probably) isn't your fault--there's something wrong with the hyperlink you just clicked.

* Too Many Connections: This may well be the most irritating of all--you've reached the server, but it's too busy to let you on.

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