Surfari Internet-Information Gem #4
Gem #4 - Microsft Internet Explorer won't FTP

I often get the message that I can't connect to an FTP site because the remote site sent 'extended information'. The following excerpt from the knowledge base at the Microsoft Web Site explains the problem:

Error Message: The Server Returned Extended Information

Article ID: Q156770
Creation Date: 30-SEP-1996
Revision Date: 26-NOV-1996

The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 for Windows 95


When you try to connect to an FTP site, you may receive the following error message:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site ftp://ftp.[site].com

The server returned extended information


FTP servers can return textual error information describing a failure situation. The error message indicates that the server has returned such information, but Internet Explorer only indicates that the error was received by the client. It does not relay the exact contents of the error.

A possible cause of this message is that Internet Explorer cannot use passive mode to transfer a file. In passive mode, the client connects to the server to initiate data transfer; the normal mode, which Internet Explorer currently does not support, is for the server to connect to the client.

Another possibility is that the server has reached its FTP Anonymous limit.


To work around this problem, use the Ftp.exe tool. To do so, follow these steps:

1.Click the Start button, and then click Run.
2.In the Open box, type the following line, and then click OK:


3.At the FTP prompt, type the following line:

open [IP address or host name]

NOTE: For more information on FTP commands, type:


For help on a specific command, type

help [command]

where [command] is one of the listed FTP commands.

If the error message is related to the maxim users allowed on the site, try at various intervals and times to see if you are granted access.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Internet Explorer version 3.0. We are researching this issue and will post more information here when it becomes available.

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