Surfari Internet-Information Gem #2
Gem #2 - Newsreader stops after 10 articles (WIN31)

> Just wanted to let you know that lately I haven't been able to
> use freeagent for newsgroup browsing. I get "winsock reported an online
> error" or it just times out trying to connect. When I used Netscape
> news, it seemed to work o.k. Wondered if you had any ideas on this.

I've noticed a lot of problems with the "Trumpet Winsock" stack being able to handle high speed might want to try reducing the MTU in the 'setup' from 1500 to 1006 to see if this clears up the transmission errors. I've been getting reports from CallAmerica that they've seen these errors from a few of our customers and it seems to center around those using Trumpet Winsock as their connection. Here's a screen shot that one user found to work best for his system:

The only other suggestion I could offer is to install the WIN31 Internet Explorer and TCP/IP stack (dialer and WINSOCK) which seems to work a bit *will* be able to use Netscape afterwards if you wish...Microsoft doesn't distribute the TCP/IP stack separately unfortunately ;'(
You can get it from our ftp site (

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