Surfari Internet-Information Gem #14
Gem #14 - Speed Up Connection

The following tip was suggested by a member of Surfari Internet, good job!

I just recently became a subscriber to I noticed that the log-on process seemed to take a lot longer with my Surfari account than from my previous ISP. I compared the dial-up networking set-ups for both systems. The differences may speed up your log-in time.

In windows 95, go to:

My computer
Then go to Dial Up Networking
Then highlight the icon for
Then right click and choose properties
Click on the "Server Types" tab>br? Under "Allowed Network Protocols", make sure that "TCP/IP is the ONLY one selected.

Next, make sure the check box labeled Log On to Network is deselected and click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.

The difference on my system turned a 38 second log-in to an 8 second one.

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