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Interested in providing a discounted rate for your employees? Ask about our corporate discounted rates! Would you like to get internet services for your non-profit organization, school, or church? Surfari.Net has reduced rates for non-commercial organizations!

Personal Accounts

Personal User ID's - Create Homepages!

All Personal "Dial Up" Accounts have a one time activation fee of $10.00

  • $14.95 a month
  • - 20 hours/month 56K Digital access - 10 megabytes disk storage - 2 E-Mail Boxes
    ($1.50 charged for each hour extra on this account up to $23.95 billed monthly)

  • $19.95 a month
  • - Unmetered 56K Digital access - 10 megabytes disk storage - 2 E-Mail Boxes

  • Student Discounts! $16.95 a month
  • - Unmetered access ONLY.
    Same as above unmetered account. High School students must show a valid student body card annually until graduation. College students must show a valid student body card each quarter of school. Students who do not keep these records current will be charged full price for internet services. This discount is only applies if the primary user of the account is the student.

  • Senior Discounts! $16.95 a month
  • - Unmetered access ONLY.
    Same as above unmetered account. Don't be penalized for getting better as you've gotten older, let us give you a break. All we require is proof of age, 55 years or older qualifies you right now! This discount only applies if the primary user of the account is 55 years or older.

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    Commercial Account Standard Services

    Get your business or products on the Internet so you don't miss out on this ever growing market place!

    There is a $200 set-up fee for all Commercial Accounts.

    For this fee, Surfari Internet provides:

    - Three hours of web-design for the price of two!
    - (this is for basic web/graphic production, special features such as Cgi Scripting, Java Programming, Multi-Media Production, Databases, or Custom Programming are not included in this special setup price.)
    - Compatibility testing with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape.
    - Linking from The Surfari Shopping Mall on Surfari's Home Page.
    - Submission to the top Internet search engines.
    - If you choose to do the above work yourself, the set-up fee is only $75.

    Surfari.Net also provides graphical traffic statistics for all the domains that we host and maintain. An example of the these graphs can be viewed here:     Surfari Internet's Usage

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    Commercial Account Monthly Pricing

    - $28.50/month - flat business rate that includes the standard features to the right.

    - $35.95/month Includes Domain Hosting with this account (http://www.yourcompany.com)

    - Our one-time setup fee applies to these accounts

    Standard Features Included:
    Standard services for $200 set-up fee.
    - Unmetered 56K digital connection, 10 MB disk storage space.
    - 3 E-Mail Boxes.
    - FTP and Secure Telnet access.
    - CGI and Java Applications

    This package is designed for the business that requires interactive Web presence.

    Below are additional features that you can add to any Surfari account on a monthly basis.

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    Additional Services For Surfari.Net Customers

    Domain name registration & hosting (http://www.yourcompany.com)

  • $35 a year to Register your domain name (minimum of 2 years payment for initial registration).
  • This is a seperate charge from 'Domain Hosting'.

  • Surfari Fees for Hosting your domain on our server(s): $10 a month or $100 a year

  • Other Services Available

  • $5.00 Additional E-Mail address (available with your dialin account) - One time $10 setup applies
  • $5.00 a month for each additional 5 megabytes of disk storage (5 Mb increments).
  • $5.00 a month for use of our SSL (Secure) Web Server.
  • $25 Submission to the top search engines.
  • $10.00 charge for changing account name.
  • Banner Advertisements - $15/week for our home page banner or $10/week for our second most visited web page. Maximum of 10 ads in any rotation on any page. One time charge of $75 for banner development.
  • Mailing Lists can be used for groups or clubs to maintain contact with a large list of individuals (via e-mail). Mailing Lists cannot be obtain by companies for the purpose of Bulk-Mailing or Unsolicited Commercial E-mails. Non-Profit Organizations may be able to qualify for a FREE mailing list (Less than 2 Mb per day), contact our Sales Staff for details. Costs are as follows:

    Initial Setup $15.00

    Monthly Cost (Based on Usage):

    Less than 2 Mb per day (weekly average)$5.00 per month
    2 to 4 Mb per day (weekly average)$10.00 per month
    4 to 10 Mb per day (weekly average)$20.00 per month
    Over 10 Mb per day (weekly average)$30.00 per month

    Weekly averages are calculated daily and are available upon request.

  • Web Page, Graphic Design and Custom Programming
    Surfari Internet offers the highest quality design and programming for all your Internet needs. Our flat rate of $75 an hour applies to these services. You can check
    Surfari.Net's Shopping Mall for examples of some of our work.

    Advertising Account

    $10.95/month plus a One-Time Set-up Fee

    This is the perfect package for establishing Web presence at a minimal cost. In addition, it does not require you to have a computer or get on the Internet!

    Standard Features Included:
    - Single page advertisement (non-interactive).
    - Standard services for $200 set-up fee.
    - Your business linked from The Surfari Shopping Mall.
    - Dial-Up access must be purchased separately.
    - No E-mail, no FTP or Telnet access, no disk storage space.
    - No Internet address.

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    We Welcome These Major Credit Cards

    Contact us! info@surfari.net for additional services!

    Want to register securely on line? Click here for information on registration

    Proud Members and Website Maintainers of both the

    Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce

    And The

    Nipomo Chamber of Commerce
    Surfari Internet Office Hours
    Monday thru Friday 11AM-6PM, and Saturday 11AM-4PM
    Closed Sundays and Major Holidays.

    We also have a 24 hour message line you may call and leave your requests with us. We will get them very quickly!

    From Los Osos thru the 5-Cities call 473-6525
    From everywhere else in the (805) area code call (800) 994-6525

    Proudly serving all of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties! Call today for details!

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