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We strive to offer the best service for all your Internet needs. We hope that all of you can enjoy and appreciate what we have to offer on your "Surfari" through the Internet Jungle!

Surfari Internet Office Hours
Monday thru Friday 11AM-6PM
Saturday 11AM-4PM
Closed Sundays and Major Holidays.

There are 3 steps you need to take in order to get an account on Surfari Internet:

1. Read the General Policies and Guidelines
2. Fill out the sign-up form on the Web Page, or in person
3. Send us your payment for service, we cannot set up your account until we receive payment.


-It is a Surfari Internet Provider Services (herein after known as Surfari.Net) General Policy that the system is to be used in a responsible, ethical, courteous, efficient and legal manner in accordance with appropriate Interet etiquette and all applicable laws of the State of California and the United States of America.

-It is a Surfari.Net General Policy that the registered user accounts are for personal use and not intended to provide a business grade level of service.
-Whereas, all registered user accounts must be registered in the registering user's name for their sole use (Guideline IV), all registered user accounts must have the "surfari.net" domain name, and all registered user accounts are subject to the connect time and disk space allotments afforded in their respective agreements with Surfari.Net.

-It is a Surfari.Net General Policy that while Surfari.Net does not review, edit or remove any material made available on the Surfari.Net system, it does reserve the right to review, edit or remove any material that Surfari.Net, in its sole discretion, believes to be unlawful, obscene, abusive, or an infringement of any applicable copyright laws.

-It is a Surfari.Net General Policy that all subscribers must acknowledge:

1. Their understanding and acceptance of the Surfari.Net General Policies and Guidelines. Acceptance of the General Policies and Guidelines is implied by virtue of signing up for services either electronically or by written document;
2. Their adherence to the applicable Surfari.Net Subscriber Agreement supplied by Surfari.Net; either during the on-line registration process or by mailing in a signed Surfari.Net Subscriber Agreement as a condition of receiving a Surfari.Net account.

-It is a Surfari.Net General Policy that visitors to the system are required to understand, accept, and follow the Surfari.Net General Policies and Guidelines as a condition of maintaining an on-line session.

-It is a Surfari.Net General Policy that all subscribers be aware that the use of Surfari.Net is a privilege and not a right and failure to adhere to Surfari.Net's General Policies and Guidelines and/or the Acceptable Use Policies of Surfari.Net could result in revocation of those privileges. This determination will be made by at the sole discretion of the Surfari.Net General Partnership.


Acceptable uses of Surfari.Net are activities which promote education and civic participation. Subscribers are encouraged to develop uses which meet their individual needs and which take advantage of Surfari.Net's telecomputing functions: electronic mail, Usenet news groups, the World Wide Web, and access to other Internet resources.

GUIDELINE II: Unacceptable uses of the network include, but are not limited to:

1. Suspected violation of the Surfari.Net Subscriber Agreement or Surfari.Net's General Policies and Guidelines. The General Policies and Guidelines and Subscriber Agreement are posted in electronic form on the Surfari.Net User Services Web Page. The User Agreement and Sign-Up page may be downloaded here User Agreement & Sign Up for review & completion offline. It can then be mailed to Surfari.Net with your payment to:

Surfari Internet Providers
135 North Halcyon St.#B
Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420

Please be sure to read all of Surfari.Net's Policies and Guidelines prior to mailing!

2. Suspected violation of local, state, and/or federal laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the State and Federal Computer Crime Laws. Violation of these laws may also lead to prosecution;

3. Using profane, obscene, abusive, harassing or other offensive language in publicly accessible areas of Surfari.Net or, upon registration of a complaint, within e-mail messages. If you are subject to harassment please be sure to REPORT IT to Surfari.Net;

4. Posting personal communications without the author's prior consent;

5. Copyrighted material, text, data, graphics, or commercial software may not be placed in publicly accessible areas of Surfari.Net without the expressed permission of the rightful owner or persons they may specifically authorize;

6. The planning or implementation of any illegal activity;

7. Forging of email or Usenet messages;

8. Engaging in activity that is believed to seriously degrade system performance either on the Surfari.Net system or any other remote system. This includes, but is not limited to, e-mail chain letters, "mole" programs, generating sufficient WWW traffic as to adversely affect system performance, or any other activity that interferes with the ability of users to make use of the network;

9. Posting off topic messages to Usenet newsgroups or posting the same or similar messages to a large number of newsgroups (generally more than five is considered excessive), this is known as spamming;

10. Suspected violation, or suspected attempted violation, of account, system, and/or network security, whether directed at the Surfari.Net system or another remote system;

11. Failure to comply with Surfari.Net's request to cease any system activity;

12. Non-payment of account fees for more than ten days.

Subscribers must be aware of the finite capacity of the Surfari.Net facilities and are requested to cooperate with the Systems Specialists to conserve resources and assure equitable access for all. The system has a limited number of modem ports. Users are requested to:

1.Prepare text files for uploading before logging on;
2.Log off before editing and printing downloaded files;
3.Delete e-mail files as soon as possible.

GUIDELINE IV: The person in whose name a Surfari.Net account is registered is responsible at all times for its proper use. Registered User accounts are nontransferable. Registered user accounts may not use aliases other than those specifically setup during the account registration. Registered users are allowed only one login session at any time. Registered users may not allow anyone else the use of their account. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of a valid Surfari.Net account as a telnet/FTP gateway from any other Internet account not owned by the Surfari.Net registered user. Registered users may not resell the access, the use, or the disk space of their account. Registered users should change their passwords frequently to protect them from unauthorized use.

GUIDELINE V: Users must be aware that though the use of on-line information access systems can be an extremely positive and enriching experience and that while Surfari.Net can maintain limited control over what is displayed in our menu system, there exists controversial material on the Internet that may be offensive to some people due to the adult nature of its frank language and/or explicit graphics. Surfari.Net believes that our subscribers should be able to decide for themselves what they wish to view on the Internet. Surfari.Net will not accept the responsibility of determining what content should be available to the users of this system outside of the publicly accessible menu areas. Therefore, it is essential that a parent or legal guardian of account applicants under the age of 18 years sign an agreement form signifying understanding of the situation and accepting responsibility for monitoring the minors use of their Surfari.Net account.

GUIDELINE VI: Classroom teachers supervising K-12 student accounts should require a parent or legal guardian to sign a Surfari.Net Subscriber Agreement form prior to the student's use of Surfari.Net. Teachers are responsible for instructing students in proper techniques and standards for participation, for guiding student access to appropriate sections of the network, and for assuring that students understand that if they misuse the network they will lose their accounts. Particular concerns include, but are not limited to, issues of privacy, copyright infringement, e-mail etiquette, and approved and intended use of Surfari.Net resources.

GUIDELINE VII: Users must avoid knowingly or inadvertently spreading computer viruses. Do not upload files from unknown sources. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance will be viewed as criminal activity under applicable state and federal laws.

GUIDELINE VIII: Accounts which have been suspended or revoked shall be administered in accordance with the following guidelines:

1.A first time violation of the Surfari.Net General Policies or Guidelines will result in a warning to the registered user of the account issued by Surfari.Net. Unless the violation is a crime defined by the CA Computer Crime law, or any applicable federal laws, in which case the account will be revoked. Surfari.Net will send a letter to the registered user stating the policy infraction and future expectations/actions. The user will be required to write a conciliatory letter to Surfari.Net acknowledging their responsibility/liability to conducting themselves within the Surfari.Net General Policies and Guidelines ;

2.A second violation of the Surfari.Net General Policies or Guidelines will result in the account being revoked. Surfari.Net will send a letter to the user stating the policy infraction and history of the previous infraction(s). No refund for the current month will be issued. A refund will be issued for any months which are paid in advance (except the current month).

3.The registered user whose account has been revoked has the right to appeal the revocation to the General Partnership of Surfari.Net. The reactivation of the account will be at the sole discretion of the General Partnership of Surfari.Net. The reactivation of any revoked account will incur a setup fee at advertised rates that will not be waived.

GUIDELINE IX: Surfari.Net supports equal system access for all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or marital status.


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If you have questions:
1.Send email to info@surfari.net ,
2.Leave a phone message at 473-6525 or (800) 994-6525
3.You can also send us mail via The U.S. Post Office to:
Surfari Internet Provider Services
135 North Halcyon Suite #B
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