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Updated 06/20/02

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Surfari Internet has been a LOCAL Internet Provider in the 5 Cities Area for almost 6 years. We have always focused our efforts on supporting our customers, and growing to meet the ever-changing demands of each customer. In order to continue providing our customers this level of service, we felt it necessary to take steps to ensure we could keep up with the ever changing technical demands and increased customer needs.

Surfari Internet will be able to provide:

- Technical Support and Customer Service 7 days a week with expanded hours

- Additional personal and business Internet Services

- A more robust and redundant network, to limit the effects of carrier service outages

- Additional phone connections within the State of California

The same friendly hometown Internet Provider Service with much more to offer!

How will we do this? Surfari Internet has joined forces with the only other friendly local Internet provider we felt would benefit our customers, TCSN! TCSN ( is the largest locally owned Internet Service Provider in the county, and growing daily to meet the needs of this area's Internet needs.

When Surfari Internet merges with TCSN, all of the existing Surfari Internet customers will see improvements in the quality of service and support. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we'll be glad to let you know that your Internet Service will be even better now that we've partnered with TCSN.

Again, thank you for being a customer of Surfari Internet, and we hope you'll enjoy all the added benefits and improved service you will see in the near future.

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